Saturday, December 24, 2022

Orktober AAR

 So October has come and gone, and I now that I have some time to take a few photos, I decided to provide an update on the painting that I was able to accomplish.  Honestly it ended up going into Nobvember as well, but we will hold off on that.  Here is all that I managed to accomplish:

That is in total 44 Boys, 5 Nobz, and 1 Warboss.  A Total of 50 Orks with some kind of paint on them.  Now there is a lot of work to do, and likely are not going to be able to see most of the work, as most of the green is base coated that looks too dark to see the difference between black and Dark Angel Green, but trust me there is paint on all of these little guys.  

The front unit of boys are currently on the painting table right now.  Both are the sluggas and Choppas from the old AOBR box.  I am also using the Nobz from the box as the nobz for all of my units in this particular army.  Most of the boys in the back have problems that I will likely have to clean off using Simple Green.  I did not notice it at the time that I was painting on the green way too thick and it is marring the detail.  Good news is that I have plenty to work on until I can get these guys ready for priming once again, like these two units. 

These two are from the normal Orks box, one is a group of Ard Boys with Sluggaz and Choppas, and the other have the Shottaz.  Both get a Nob from AOBR likewise.  In addition to about the same painting treatment for the Nobz in the back, that is it.  I would show you a pic of the Nobz, but the picture turned out terrible.  Anyways hopefully more will be due from this lot here in the next year, but first it is back to the Crimson Fists.  I do have an update on them that I will show off here next week, I wanted to give the Orks their due limelight for now.  Until then.

Saturday, October 8, 2022


I am still having trouble with the decals on my Space Marines.  The decal manufacturers are kind of far and few between with some mediocre results or just not what I am looking for.  I will give a full update once I get that sorted.  Meanwhile I am still working on the rest of that squad and a new scout unit, but that is not the subject of this post.  The subject of this post is the targets for the aforementioned Space Marines.  

This month, being officially October, is also known as Orktober.  It is a month where we focus on those green little monsters and finally get some of them wet, with paint that is.  As someone who has plenty of Orks and need to work on them, I decided that I will change a few things up and get some paint down on them.  I will be participating in Orktober by working on a few Orks that I have ready and in inventory.  I already have been working on a few for a while as you can see here:

They have some shading and a few bits and pieces that need to be fixed, but they are very much along the way.  I did start up on the other half of this motley band of boyz just this week as you can see here:

What is after that you say?  Oh, I don't know I have a bit to choose from:

This may spread to Nobvember perhaps, which I have a unit of so that will work out for me.  Crimson Fists are not complete on the back burner.  I still have a whole batch of miniatures that I am going to continue to work on throughout the month, and trust me, more where that came from.  

Friday, July 8, 2022

Decal Frustrations

 So I was able to put the Chapter Badge on the Space Marines in the previous post without too much trouble.  Then I tried to figure out how to print out some decals for the squad markings.  It took me a while to get a good print of the chapter badges.  This was of course among other projects that I was working on during the past couple of months.  Once I was able to do a test run on a dummy shoulder guard, I noticed that even with a good print, the decal looked terrible.  The decal was so thin that it looked like a film on the shoulder guard.  I was thoroughly disappointed at my outcome.  I did find a company that does provide a similar decal sheet that should be professionally done, so I bought that.  Once I get it, since they apparently print them as they get the orders, I will apply them and see how they work.  Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have them and be able to finish the below models.  

On another note, I did some more critical errors on my painting so I have quite a few models in the ole Green Stuff bath. 


Saturday, April 9, 2022

Long Time Coming in an update.

Alexa, how do you spell Negligence.  Sorry folks, you should know by now that real life got in the way of things.  Nothing too important, just the usual elderly mom being a lot to handle with little time to do any hobby stuff let alone blog about it, and when I do, I tend to get into a perfectionist loop of always trying to fix problems that I see.  That also does not include accidents.  I did have one full squad almost done but then I ruined them when an errant paintbrush went across them and ruined my paint job.  I also don't like to post pictures that are WIP usually.  I like to showcase what I have finished.  On the other hand, a PLOG may spur me to paint more if I start posting WIP's.  

Good news is that I am almost done with most of a full squad and my dread from way back when.  I cant use spray paint right now as the pollen is getting thick, so I am going to give them any final touch ups that I have to do and start with the decals on them.  Hopefully they will be ready for the varnish before May is here.  Anyways here is what I have so far:

I fully expect to have a lot more pictures once the varnish is on.  The three not pictured had a few problems that I could not fix and had to give them the old "Simple Green" bath for them.  I expect to have them as well as a Devestator squad done soon.