Saturday, December 24, 2022

Orktober AAR

 So October has come and gone, and I now that I have some time to take a few photos, I decided to provide an update on the painting that I was able to accomplish.  Honestly it ended up going into Nobvember as well, but we will hold off on that.  Here is all that I managed to accomplish:

That is in total 44 Boys, 5 Nobz, and 1 Warboss.  A Total of 50 Orks with some kind of paint on them.  Now there is a lot of work to do, and likely are not going to be able to see most of the work, as most of the green is base coated that looks too dark to see the difference between black and Dark Angel Green, but trust me there is paint on all of these little guys.  

The front unit of boys are currently on the painting table right now.  Both are the sluggas and Choppas from the old AOBR box.  I am also using the Nobz from the box as the nobz for all of my units in this particular army.  Most of the boys in the back have problems that I will likely have to clean off using Simple Green.  I did not notice it at the time that I was painting on the green way too thick and it is marring the detail.  Good news is that I have plenty to work on until I can get these guys ready for priming once again, like these two units. 

These two are from the normal Orks box, one is a group of Ard Boys with Sluggaz and Choppas, and the other have the Shottaz.  Both get a Nob from AOBR likewise.  In addition to about the same painting treatment for the Nobz in the back, that is it.  I would show you a pic of the Nobz, but the picture turned out terrible.  Anyways hopefully more will be due from this lot here in the next year, but first it is back to the Crimson Fists.  I do have an update on them that I will show off here next week, I wanted to give the Orks their due limelight for now.  Until then.