Monday, June 22, 2020


During the Covid lock down, I really don't have the "luxuary" of doing nothing but to just to paint my armies.  My work shipped me home to work from home, and I still take care of my parent on the weekend.  However, I am making strides on painting up some of my Crimson Fists.  Lot of setback as well, but more in a painters block in getting the paint job just right for my taste.  Did I mention that I am a slow painter?  I should have an update soon when I get my first functioning unit under hard coat. 

But that is not the reason for the long anticipated(I'm sure) update on this blog.  I was perusing the Goblin section of E-Bay and found the following auction:

Goblin Auction

At the time of this writing a box of 20 goblins is going for over 200 dollars.  Who the hell in their right mind is spending that kind of money on goblins like that?  I know that people spend money like that per model, but those are small units like Terminators and the like.  I have been collecting these kind of goblins for a while, so the good news for me is that I am predominately done in collecting this particular portion of the O&G army, so I don't think that I need a new set.(the operative word there is think.)  Actually, I have enough for a particularly large Goblin army, and maybe two of them. 

Having said that, looking at this auction, I am starting to take serious stock to see if I am missing anything else in my collection that I really want from GW brands.  Likewise, I look forward for the days of a good 3-D printer so that I don't have to deal with these kind of prices, which may be coming down the pike soon enough.