Saturday, October 8, 2022


I am still having trouble with the decals on my Space Marines.  The decal manufacturers are kind of far and few between with some mediocre results or just not what I am looking for.  I will give a full update once I get that sorted.  Meanwhile I am still working on the rest of that squad and a new scout unit, but that is not the subject of this post.  The subject of this post is the targets for the aforementioned Space Marines.  

This month, being officially October, is also known as Orktober.  It is a month where we focus on those green little monsters and finally get some of them wet, with paint that is.  As someone who has plenty of Orks and need to work on them, I decided that I will change a few things up and get some paint down on them.  I will be participating in Orktober by working on a few Orks that I have ready and in inventory.  I already have been working on a few for a while as you can see here:

They have some shading and a few bits and pieces that need to be fixed, but they are very much along the way.  I did start up on the other half of this motley band of boyz just this week as you can see here:

What is after that you say?  Oh, I don't know I have a bit to choose from:

This may spread to Nobvember perhaps, which I have a unit of so that will work out for me.  Crimson Fists are not complete on the back burner.  I still have a whole batch of miniatures that I am going to continue to work on throughout the month, and trust me, more where that came from.