Sunday, February 19, 2023

Craters and Dreadnoughts

 We have had a wild ride so far at the start of the year.  Lot of medical and business issues with my surviving parent put writing this post out of my mind.  But better late than never.  I have two new items to display on my blog.  

First thing is my craters.  I actually finished these a while back, and now I am going to put them up for display:

I used plaster as the form of the actual crater, painted them up using the paint formula from Hirst Arts on earth tones, and then gave them a wood stain finish.  I like the look and I think that it will last for quite a while.  

I also finished up a dreadnaught for the most part.  It is still missing the varnish, but that is something that will come later when I have better weather here in a few weeks.  I included the older squad of tac marines that I already have done for a family photo.  

I finally found a company that can do what seems like good squad markings for Crimson Fists.  I am still testing them, and finishing off the last of the marines in the new squad.  Little by little this squad will be finished.  I also have a scout combat squad that is currently being worked on, as well as one of the Ork squads from last year that I have been working on.  They are on the back burner right now but still actively getting paint on them from time to time.