Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still alive here.

My apologies for not posting over the past month.  With the new year came with it a new job so my primary focus has been to get settled down with that.  Unfortunatelly my hobbies suffered from it.  You gotta do what you gotta do in these times.  The only real thing that I have done with my hobby was to sell off a lot of my miniatures that I had boxed away.  It has basically paid most of my bills this past month which is a good thing that I was able to take care of that, but sad to see them go and also sad to realize that I had that many models and not one assembled and painted. 

On another note I am going to be planning a few games with friends to test out a few other game systems.  I think that I will be starting with Kings of War and Fantasy Warriors to start.  They seem to have compatible armies for my willing oppoants right now, and something that we can easily set up with the armies that we have.  As far as the other game systems out there, I am working on a short list of games that I want to try out first.  They are mainly the free online games out there so that I dont have to buy the book right now.  Hopefully I can get a few games in this month and be able to write up a review specifically on one of the two mentioned above.