Friday, January 1, 2021

 So with the new year upon us I am starting to do something that I really have not done much in years past. Set out goals in what I want to do with my hobby this year. Knowing my limitations on time and my standards of how I paint, we will certainly see if I can get all of this done let alone half of it. So without further ado here are my goals that I plan on working towards:


Crimson Fists: I have two companies of Crimson Fists and one is assembled and primed. Of that company I have decided to break it up into three elements. My goal is to finish the first element of this army this year, and this is the first project that I am going to be working on this year. The first squad has been finished as shown here.  I have three months before it should get warmer down where I live, so I expect to get a lot of this done in the next few months, especially as I am still working from home until April at the earliest. After that I would also like to get the other company assembled, but that is not likely, and honestly the second element needs to be priority, but painting has a different schedule than assembling and priming. We will see.

Orks: The boys from above need an opposing force. I have collected quite a few battle force boxes over the years. What better than to have their hated enemy available to them whenever someone wants to learn a classic game at my domicile. These guys are second on the list for assembly and priming, so I expect to have them at least primed and some paint by Orktober.

Other Projects: I have a few other armies that I have been collecting but have not been putting together. I am not exactly sure where I want to go from here, but I think that my next two armies that I want to start assembling are going to be Cadian IG and Tau. I already have some of my Cadians broken down and at step 1 of my assembly, so they are in a good place to start as any. This is a definite we will see if I have the time to get them put together. No expectations of getting any paint on these two armies any time soon.


Orc's and Goblins: More specifically Goblins. I have been assembling a Goblin army over the past two years,(cleaning the parts have been a slog) and I think that it is time that I start getting some of these greenskins painted. Most of this particular element of this army is primed and ready for some paint. I still have some left to clean and assemble for this part of my Greenskins that I want to get done before I move on to other assembly projects, but not that much. Biggest question is will I tire in painting so much green?

Beasts of Chaos: I would like to at least assemble some of what I have in stock and get these painted. I feel that this may be a good change of pace from all of the green and blue that I will end up painting this year. Kind of a stretch goal right now.

Empire/Brettonian: I am not that fond of the look of the Landscheidt that GW made for their Imperial armies for WFB. What I do like is the War of the Roses look, and I have a few options on that. Likewise I would rather use historical armies for a Brettonian army rather than hunt for 5th edition metals on eBay. My goal for these two armies is to find humans to match somewhat tp what we had in the 4th/5th edition for Empire and Brettonian armies, which can be harder than you think. My goal is to finally paint up my test models that I already got and do a comparison of what I have found so far and see if I can settle on a historical company or two that sells these periods. As I am a fan of variety, I would like to get at least two if not three companies that are in these periods. First three that I like so far are Front Rank, Foundry, and Black Tree Games. Should a company like Victrix comes out with a plastic version of the WOTR or HYW period, and fits what I am looking for, I would be game as well. I am not a fan of the Perry's miniatures right now as they are noticeably small compared to what I want to use. The painting may be a break in all the green that I may be painting. Once settled on a plan of action, I expect to purchase and start assembling what I can. Empire is first on the list of the two.


I have some scenery that I want to get assembled and painted, especially a stone tower that needs a paint job. While I would like to, I doubt that I can get a board done unless I manage to find a table/Miter saw to cut the wood that I need, but you never know and that can be knocked out in the space of a weekend.