Saturday, December 29, 2012

SPQR on the move

Well a friend of mine and I decided to get a game in of WAB yesterday given that both of us are free due to the holiday season.  We had a Roman Civil war day when we played.  He brought his usual small century of heavily armoured veterans Legionaries as the bulk of his army whereas I have large blocks of regulars.  We are virtually about even as far as unit numbers goes concerning centuries.  We mostly use barbarian screens now a days for the rest of our point allotment, and I have a pair of scorpios that do some damage when they feel like it.  I did add a new trick to my game in that I brought Barbarian Light Calvary.  He also brought two war bands of barbarians. 

He usually does a good job routing my armies, however I was able to get more than a few shots in with my regulars and was able to end up with a minor loss this time according to my calculation.  You have no idea how much a +1 makes a difference in armour saves and hits until you play him a few times like we do.  On top of that, my light calvary did what I wanted them to which was to harass his skirmish line, and my scorpios were able to actually knock out some legionaries.  

All in all it was a good day and we both exclaimed how we missed playing each other and that we should start planning more games.  I did not take any pictures or took notes so I cannot really make a full battle report of note.  Next time I will promise to make some notes at the least.