Saturday, October 21, 2023

Dusting Off My WFB Books Again


So I went to this tournament last weekend. It was quite a day trip from here in Charlotte, but that was due to the back roads to get there. I took a different route going home that lent me a faster trip home, I thought, but regardless it was about two hours to and from.

As far as the hobby store goes, it was nice location. Right in the middle of Aberdeen, NC which is a small town right between Pinehurst and what used to be called Ft. Bragg. It is right off of US1 and a little history of US1 is that it was the first highway stretching from Maine to the Florida Keys in the US. First established in 1025 and most of the buildings around town look to be built around that time period. There was obviously a lot of military around town but overall it was a nice sleepy old town in NC like what you would imagine Mayberry to be.

Hit Points Hobbies appears to have been located in one of these older buildings from before the war.(WWII) I got that impression form the hardware in the bathroom. The lock on the door was an odd chain lock that locked vertical with a "T" connection and two spigot's one for hot and one for cold water in the sink. Honestly I find that to be a novelty these days so I was ok with it. The shop has the usual game products, but instead of what I normally see with comic books, they had a whole room of video games. It was kind of like an arcade but only for more modern games with consoles hooked up to TV's. It was to a varying degree as far as which edition they had available. So you may find something like a Playstation 4 or 3 there instead of the newer editions for instance. I am not into console gaming so I cant tell just by the look. One other big thing that they were doing there that was different was that they offered a 3D printing service there. You could see the printers in one of the small side rooms that they had. They also had a few paint stations for someone to work on some models as well as I would assume advanced tools like an airbrush.

Overall it I thought that it was a fine store to visit. The general atmosphere and people working the store were nice folks. They do have a store cat so if you are allergic to cats, you are SOL. The cat smell was not bad, but it was faintly there. It makes the store smell more of a home rather than a store, and certainly better than some of the stores that I have been in. I guess that a new coat of paint and an annual cleaning would make things better but not by much. Here is their website with a picture section:

As far as the tournament goes, it was pretty decently run. All of us were rusty as hell in both playing games, but the TO did a good job in resolving disputes and such events. They kept us on track and got us to finish in a reasonable time in the evening. I have may be two critiques of the tournament management.

One was that they insisted that we use communal dice rather than your own. It is not a big deal to me, but who in the hell is the asshole who loads their dice to win at WFB? But who knows they may be down to that level. Another problem with it was that, the dice was weird colors so not easy to read. If this really is a problem, then I would suggest weighing the dice blocks of people and demand that we use Chessex dice, or if necessary give everyone a block of Chessex to use for the day. They had no problem with my artillery and scatter dice however.

The second was that on my last game my opponent and I were on the same table that we played our games on before. Meaning that he played game one and three on the same table and I played game two and three on the same table. It may not have been possible, but getting us on another table would have been nice.

This is their first time running a WFB tournament in a long time, so as far as hiccups goes, it was pretty small. I guess that they put this one out there to plan just as it was posted. They are planning a new event some time in January or February, and they promised that they will get to planning that a lot more sooner than they did this one, so I guess that they are working on it how. They also had trophies where one was a 3D printed dice tower.

The players were nice to play with. Almost all of us had lunch together at a brewery, and had a great conversation about painting over beer and burgers. Definitely about half were either current or former military, no surprise given the vicinity of the base. Overall I recommend the event that they put on.