Friday, October 23, 2020

Lockdown Painting

 As many of us are now confined to our quarters until further notice, I have noticed that a whole lot of us in the hobby of miniature soldiers suddenly have time to work on their hobbies, which you can honestly say that for just about most other hobbies.  I would consider myself to be part of my group as well, since about half of my extracurricular activities involve being out among people.  With that in mind I have been working on my backlog of Crimson Fists that need to get painted.  I finally was able to finish my first squad of these all the way to placing decals and applying a hard coat on them.  I learned a lot about painting in general, as well as painting space marines, once again while completing these.  Lot of the mistakes that I did on these, I expect to not do again.  I actually got these done last month, it was only now that I was able to get some pictures of them.  Without further ado, here is my first Space Marines completely finished and coming to a table top near me.(whenever the hell we open up again)

Combat Squad A

So I had some trouble with the hard coat while finishing these guys up.  You can tell the two on the left are a little "frosty," whereas the two on the right came out like I wanted them.  The Sgt came out ok, but I think that I frosted his hand a little bit.  

Combat Squad B

I am not going to be anal enough to specify which model goes in which combat squad, but this is the other half of the squad.  

Regular Tactical Marines

Tactical Marines with Flame Thrower

Tactical Marines with Missile Launcher

Some close ups of them in groups of three.  

Some pictures of my Sargent.  I had the hardest time getting the face just right, and that is what I had to re-learn a lot of while doing this one.  Had I got him right the first time, this post would probably be a month or two old by now.  

Family Photo

This is a group shot of the whole squad.  While I am happy with the painting that I did on most of these models, I have some issues with the models themselves.  If you notice, they are AOBR marines which will work in a pinch, but leave something to be desired when it comes to some of the details on the model.  Most of that is hard to see in these pictures, but you have parts of this model without any undercuts.  That does annoy me quite a bit.  As mentioned earlier, there is an issue with the hard coat frosting on me.  I think that was due to the varnish that I used and not the day, as it was a clear warm day with low humidity.  I also screwed up on the decals when I was applying them on.  I managed to make them more or less look like battle damage, but it is something that I want to try to avoid.  This is on top of the fact that I am trying to use decals for both chapter and squad badges on any new models.  I will certainly use them for many years to come as I build up the rest of my chapter, however when the time comes, I expect to retire these guys.