Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

With this new year, I took a look at what I was able to accomplish this year on the gaming front and it was rather slim.  I did play a few games of 40K and got more involved in that, however my painting did not go far, nor did my historical or fantasy gaming went far.  I have a few rule systems that I have not been able to make a review as I have promised as well as do much in the form of blogging.  With all of that in mind I have decided to have a few new year resolutions on the gaming front. 

1:  Figure out a way to play WFB from the previous editions:  I do have a few friends who like the game from previous editions more than what we have now.  I need to link up with them and try to set up a few games with them.  I have a few other ideas on this front as well.  I want to try to do a game a quarter if I can, but honestly I believe that I can do one per quarter of historical easier.  If I can do either I would be happy. 

2:  Actually Paint some models:  I have done almost no painting, which is mainly due to my current living situation is not that conducive to painting.  I will try to figure out something however.  My goal is to paint up my battle company of Space Marines, which has other problems than me not spending the time on them as I want to.  I will actually make them a FULL battle company as well, but for now I just got a few models that I am somewhat happy with after priming and base coating. 

3:  Read and review more alternative game systems:  This is just me finding the time to sit down and read the damn systems and write about them. 

4:  Blog more DAMN IT!  If I am doing my first three resolutions I will have plenty of things to blog about. 

Lets see if I am able to do it.  On another note I hit 10,000 hits on this blog.  I want to thank everyone for reading what I have to say.  I do appreciate that you are reading and a few are actually creating a dialogue.  That many hits after 2 years does not seems like much to some, but I consider it an achievement.  Thank You!