Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Goals

Right, well I decided to join in the band wagon and point out a few of my goals that I plan to do in 2012 for my hobby.  Some are as used as weight loss is for New Year Resolutions, some however are admittingly out there.  Without further ado here they are:

1:  Get painting again and paint over 100 miniatures to standard and varnished:  This one is proabably the mose widely used goal/resolution for hobby players out there.  I really did a terrible job on this front where I only painted basically 8 models to this standard this year.  To top that, I only had 34 models that I even started from priming which I really dont count as a painting stage.  This is one that I really need to work on.  I really want to start 100 miniatures and paint to completion not just work on the odd 26 models that I have yet to do. Needless to say I have some work to do. 

2:  Settle on one or two Fantasy game systems:  I am still evaluating a lot of game systems out there, and I have not had a Fantasy game since my post on alternative fantasy game systems.(posted here)  I have gone through a few of the free systems out there and to be honest, I did find one that was interesting to me.  There is also a few that I need to scratch off of the list mainly due to it breaking one of the rules that I set out to use already. 

3:  Sell minaitures that I will never build:  I have a lot of models still in their boxes, a shocking development to all who read this.  As stated before in my previous post about dwarves, (posted here) I have decided to sell all of my newer Dwarves that I have in inventory.  Tonight I pulled out some of my other bins that I store my boxes, and I see quite a few more boxes that I can see selling as well.  I will need the money for bills, and unfortunatelly I think that some projects that I had that were technically not on the list of "decomissioned" may find themselves on the list.  Damn it!

4:  Continue to look at different manufacturers:  While I am always looking for cheaper models, I am also looking for a variety of models so that I dont have the same damn miniature in the unit.  I see this happen a lot in WAB where you have an army that has several different manufacturers throughout the army that have the same dimensions.  I am trying to do this with what I currently have with my Empire troops, and likewise any future WAB armies that I think will work with both Fantasy and Middle Ages.  Although I have plenty of troops for a large Empire army, some rank and file variety within my army is a good thing, especially with my metal greatswords for instance. 

5:  Play more games:  I really only played two games of both WAB and 40K throughout this past year.  I really need to get out more to say the least. 

I would have to say that five goals for this year should be enough for the year.  I am not trying to make anything grandious right now in my hobby.  I want to take things easy until I have a good graps what I plan to be doing with my hobby.  I guess that it means that I will not be making anything from my castlemolds that take half of a table... unless I really want to for kicks.